Ivy Glen Subdivision – Ivy Glen Homes

Townhomes For Sale Ivy GlenThe Ivy Glen Townhome Complex is located on Randall Road between Indian Trail and Illinois. It borders the Cameo Park Subdivision on the south and is just to the east and south of Kensington Lakes. This large complex features many different buildings, each with between 2 and 4 townhomes. These townhomes are often arranged around all four sides of the individual buildings – they are not often arranged side-by-side like many townhome complexes are currently designed. This allows the individual buildings to be placed in “pods” surrouded by lawns and small parks.

The townhomes in Ivy Glen range in size from 2-3 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms and from 610 square feet to 1056 square feet. The Ivy Glen townhomes offer owners several popular features such as central air and in-unit laundry. These townhomes are usually considered exceptionally good values – offering lots of space and are often very affordable. Owners in Ivy Glen are also members of the Ivy Glen Homeowners Association and a monthly assessment applies to all units. The complex is located on the west side of Aurora and is convenienly located along Randall Road with access to shopping along the Randall Corridor. It’s also near local transportation arteries including the Reagan Tollway, Orchard Road and the Aurora Metra station.

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