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Homes For Sale Arrow WoodThe relatively small Arrow Wood Subdivision is located on the south side of Indian Trail about 2 blocks east of Randall Road. Pin-pointing the exactly location and boundaries of Arrow Wood is a difficult thing to do. It blends in perfectly with another small subdivision – McCarty’s Mill. Arrow Wood subdivision was constructed by Pulte Homes in the mid-to-late 1990’s. In some cases Arrow Wood Subdivision is written without a space in the name – Arrowwood Subdivision – or even without the extra “w” – as Arrowood Subdivision – but they are one and the same. The main artery leading into the subdivision is Golden Oaks Parkway – but go south from Indian Trail – if you go north, you’ll be entering Golden Oaks – another Pulte subdivision. Pulte began building Arrow Wood homes shortly after construction ended on Golden Oaks to the north. The homes in Arrow Wood are, as a general rule, slightly larger than those in Golden Oaks and tend to have a few more modern features such as the occasional 3-car garage or luxury bathroom with soaker tub. Arrow wood home sizes tend to be bigger – exceeding 2100 square feet in some models – the Sequoia and Cottonwood.

One of the most popular features of the subdivision is the large Arrow Wood Park – situated directly East of the main part of Arrow Wood Subdivision. Arrow Wood Park includes a large field and small playground. Some of the streets that make up Arrow Wood include Yellowpine Drive, Golden Oaks Parkway, Cottonwood Drive and LeGrande Boulevard. Prices of Arrow Wood homes range from the low to mid 200s – still very reasonable for newer homes with this amount of square footage.

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