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Hometown Oswego Subdivision is a community of just under 300 homes built by Bigelow Homes between 1998 and 2005 near the junction of Rt. 34 and 31 west of Downtown Oswego. The community was initially developed by Inland Real Estate and around 23 homes were completed by the original builder, Sundance Homes, when construction stopped in 1997. Originally named Village Square, the community was renamed to Hometown after Bigelow Homes took over construction in 1998. The theme of this subdivision is evocative of an early 20th century New England town with white picket fences and homes centered around a village square (hence the original moniker). In the inital phase, garages were built to be rear-facing and accessed from alleys behind the homes with the goal being an unbroken home face. In later phases, this setup was abandoned for more traditional front-facing garages. Hometown Oswego was constructed pretty much at the same time as Hometown Aurora and both are built in similar styles. Although the name of this subdivision is simply “Hometown”, it is often referenced as Hometown Oswego to differentiate it from the very similar Hometown Subdivision in Aurora. Hometown Oswego home models include many of the same found at Hometown Aurora although there are some slight differences in the models at each community.

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