Batavia Subdivisions

Batavia subdivisions are distributed on the east and west sides of the Fox River throughout the city. Many of the homes close to the center of Batavia aren’t located in subdivisions but starting in the early and mid-1900’s new communities built farther away from the river and to the north and south started to be organized in subdivisions. Subdivisions in Batavia include a great variety of homes and home styles. Quite a few Batavia subdivisions include custom and semi-custom homes built by a number of different builders.

Batavia Subdivisions

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This page is part of a large-scale project I started in 2006 to provide a resource for home buyers and sellers looking for information about subdivisions in Batavia. Eventually this project will grow to include information about subdivision home values, recent home sales as well as a way to obtain help with buying or selling a home in Batavia. Select from the menu and submenus above to located the different resources I have available for each subdivision in Batavia.

This project is an extremely large undertaking and may take several years to complete. There may also be several communities missing from my list. If you would like to contribute information about any of these Batavia subdivisions, or if you notice communities missing from my list, please contact me directly.