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Condo Vs. Townhome – a quick word about how I have described certain communities on my site. There is a difficulty we, as Realtors, have when describing an attached-style property. Technically Condo Ownership is more of a legal construct – how buyers take ownership of a property – it doesn’t necessarily describe the appearance of the particular unit. However, when the general public thinks of townhomes and condos, most people don’t think of legal ownership. We think of condos as generally a smaller unit located in a large building or “complex”. Townhomes, we think of as rows of attached-style homes in a smaller building with individual exterior entrances – not off of a corridor or other common entrance. In reality, there can be condos that look like “townhomes” and townhomes that are actually condo ownership. Clear as mud, right? In describing attached-style homes on my site, I have tried to make them fit the general public ideal about what makes a condo or townhome. So when you see me call a property a “condo”, you can generally understand that it’s a unit in a larger building etc. etc. You should realize that this may not accurately describe the way ownership is structured in that particular complex. For more details, please contact me about specific properties.

Property Photos: in some portions of my website I have included photos of homes that I have taken in particular subdivisions. It should not be construed that these homes are currently listed by Eric Rogers, Century 21 Pro-Team or even for sale at all unless indicated. These photos are intended to display the most beautiful examples of the typical types of homes found in a particular community. If your home is being displayed on my website, I hope you realize that it is highly complimentary. If you find a picture of your home on my website that is not part of an authorized IDX feed and wish it removed, I will follow my “Good Neighbor” policy and remove it even though there is no legal requirement for me to do so. (Similar arguments have been dismissed by the courts – most notably in 2003 when a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge threw out a similar lawsuit by Barbara Streisand as frivolous and subsequently ordered her to pay the defendant’s legal fees).