Montgomery Real Estate

Montgomery Real Estate


The Village of Montgomery located in the far western suburbs of Chicago is currently known as one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Illinois. Montgomery real estate includes both new construction as well as century-old historic properties located in the center of the community. Throughout much of its history, Montgomery Illinois has been known as a relatively small community in the shadow of much larger neighboring communities Aurora and Naperville. Montgomery residents take pride in the small-town atmosphere that they have maintained in the face of almost exponential growth over the past several years. Montgomery real estate is located mostly in several local subdivisions, although some of the oldest homes in Montgomery can be found along the Fox River in downtown Montgomery.


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Montgomery Subdivisions

One of the greatest aspects of Montgomery is the abundance of of new construction options. Many of these new communities are located on the far western edge of the community. Families with children will notice that all of the homes in Montgomery actually feed into one of four surrounding school districts – East Aurora, West Aurora, Oswego or Kaneland. Perhaps one of Montgomery’s biggest and most well-known subdivision is Boulder Hill which played a big part in the growth of Montgomery in the mid-1970’s. For more information on the many subdivisions found in the area as well as additional news about other aspects of Montgomery real estate, please select one of the following communities:

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History of Montgomery Real Estate

Montgomery Homes

Montgomery Illinois was founded like many other area communities – because of its favorable location along the Fox River. In 1832, Jacob Carpenter built a log cabin on the east side of the river and moved his family to the area in 1833. The following year, Jacob’s father-in-law, Elijah Pierce, joined them and erected a home nearby. The location was at a spot where the road from Chicago forded the Fox River and was almost exactly a day’s coach ride from the city – a ideal place for an inn. Recognizing the possibility, Elijah began to use his home as an impromptu inn to house travelers heading to and from Chicago.

In 1834, Nicholas Gray settled in the area – starting a farm in the rich soils of the Fox River valley. The following fall, his brother, Daniel, visited the farmstead and immediately recognized the economic possibilities of the area. Moving his family to the area in 1836, Daniel Gray wasted no time in launching several businesses including a grist mill on the west side of the Fox River which has been restored in modern times and is one of Montgomery’s most historic structures. He also launched a general store and foundry in the community and when land was finally available for purchase from the government, he bought extensive tracts which he began to plat and sell, so if you’re interested in real estate and in buying houses, using a Home Buying Guide could be useful to help you improve your chances to make good businesses. For this reason and his extensive economic contributions to the early growth of the area, Daniel Gray is considered the founder of the Village of Montgomery. He also lead the movement to name the community after the region he and his brother hailed from – Montgomery County, New York. The village was officially incorporated in 1858.

Montgomery IL

The area continued to grow slowly throughout the latter half of the 19th century. In the 1880’s Montgomery was given a huge economic boost when the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad built a rail station in the community to serve as a boarding point for cattle heading to the Chicago stockyards as well as locally-grown produce from the farms in the Fox Valley. In the late 1960’s, Caterpillar Inc. announced plans to move a large manufacturing facility to Montgomery. The company approached local real estate developer Don Dice about the possibility of having homes available for many employees relocating to the area and for this the use of services like movers houston can be the best option for this. Dice responded by launching a huge development project in the nearby community of Boulder Hill. This development was later incorporated into the Village of Montgomery. Today, Montgomery is known for it’s wealth of real estate options – particularly new construction. New homes in Montgomery can be found to the far south and west of the community in a variety of price ranges.

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