St. Charles Subdivisions

Subdivisions St. CharlesOne of the most interesting aspects of subdivisions is St. Charles is that there used to be many more – about twice as many, in fact. This is due to the incorporation of the nearby Village of Campton Hills in 2007. Roughly half of all of the subdivisions in St. Charles and most of those in the far western unincorporated portion of the community became subdivisions in Campton Hills. This fact can make researching these communities somewhat difficult, particularly historically. For this list, every attempt has been made to present these subdivisions in their correct municipalities.

St. Charles Subdivisions

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There are quite a few small areas of homes in St. Charles that don’t quite fit into the subdivision mold. Many smaller groups of homes in St. Charles, particularly some of the older homes, have named themselves after the areas or even the streets they occupy. While these smaller communities often contain many beautiful homes, I have had to make a distinction between true subdivisions with common home styles and an association and niche communities that often include custom homes and aren’t part of an association.

One of the factors I used was real estate activity. Communities that don’t have any active listings and have had maybe one or two sales over the last 5 years were generally not included. If you live in a particular community that you would like highlighted on this site, please contact me directly and I’d be happy to add it.