Aurora Real Estate

Program for Home Buyers

My program for home buyers is based on one central concept – putting you – the buyer – first. My program includes several main principles:

1. Trust is the most important part of my program. There are no sales pitches, no pressure – nothing to interfere with you locating the best home for you and your family. If you always see me as someone who is trying to push you towards a product, you’ll always be hesitant to take my advice – and that can be disastrous. Trust between us is a very imporant thing – you need to believe that I’ll be watching out for you and when I give professional advice, it’s not with a paycheck in mind.

2. Keeping you involved in the search for your own home is a key part of my program. It’s no secret that the best person to determine the best home for you and your family is – YOU! Back in the day, when you wanted to buy a home, you would go to your local real estate agent and that agent would pull out a big, thick listing book and thumb through it and find some homes that they felt met your requirements. Today, I have high-tech tools available for you to use – map-based property searches, virtual tours, video tours, panoramic photos, on-the-fly property value estimates – it has never been easier in the entire HISTORY of real estate for you to locate and select the homes you want to see. On top of that, I will also suggest new areas to search and add properties to our showings that might meet your requirements but for whatever reason you may have overlooked.

3. Detailed and intimate knowledge of the local real estate market allows me to give timely and accurate professional advice about every facet of your transaction. I have represented buyers and sellers through almost every type of deal in this business and know what to watch for. I’m active in my local Realtor board and network regularly with top agents both in this area and around the state and country.

4. I strive for and expect to give nothing but the best customer service. That means being there for you – for whatever you need – through your entire transaction and beyond. It means you can count on me to do a great job and swiftly resolve any difficulties you might encounter.

Q&A About My Home Buyer Program

Q: How much does it cost?

A: My program costs you absolutely nothing. You will never have to pay me any fees of any kind. In real estate, when you buy your home with my help, the Realtor represnting the seller will split the commission the seller pays them with my company as reward for bringing them a buyer.

Q: Can you show us any listing?

A: In most cases, yes. If the listing is currently an active listing in our MLS, I can take you to see the property. Sometimes sellers will deny showings for various reasons but I’ll always notify you when a listing that you want to see is unavailable and I’ll tell you why it’s unavialable.

Q: Your program sounds great – why don’t more real estate agents work the way you do?

A: A lot of our industry is built on traditions. There are agents that have been in this business for decades and are used to filling the traditional real estate mold of “salesperson”. Many newer agents see the sucess of those agents and follow their example instead of branching out and trying something new. I personally feel that the world is tired of being “sold” to. Everywhere we go, everywhere we turn there is someone trying to sell us something. I’m doing great by focusing on the people rather than the product.

If you like what you see and would like to talk to me more about this program, please follow the link below and send me your information.