Home Buyer Rebate Program

I’m now offering a full-service real estate program that offers you a chance to earn cash at closing simply for completing my program and purchasing a home. To be honest, there aren’t that many of these programs available in Illinois and those that are often skimp on the services. I’ve been working hard to deliver a program that not only gives you something you rarely get at closing – cash back – but also provides a superior home buying experience. Here are some of the additional features:

1. A 10% cash rebate based on my net commission received after splits and company and franchise fees. For exact details on how your rebate is calculated please visit this page.

2. Narrow your search by completing my home buyer questionnaire.

3. An initial homebuyer interview will help you prepare for current market conditions and what you’ll encounter during the process.

4. Put yourself in an ideal position to purchase a home by completing a pre-approval.