Flavors of Greece Festival – St. Charles Illinois — 3 Comments

  1. I understand they are not having the festival this coming year. I have a friend who attends the church and she said the Priest and the Church Elders don’t want to have it anymore as it is too much work and they don’t make enough money. She said there are alot of people at the church that are upset about it and that they were not asked if they should continue the event. It’s too bad. We really enjoyed the food. They do have a food festival in the Fall I think right at the church but my friend wasn’t sure of the date as she hasn’t seen alot of advertising for that event.

    • Hi Carol – that would be very disappointing if they stopped doing it. I know it’s been running for years – I have a friend that’s gone to this festival since she was in high school. I would much rather see them scale it down a bit or change venues than get rid of it. Perhaps get down to the basics – the food, music and dancing – and skip the flea market and blow-up slides. I know about the fall festival but have never been – there are usually just so many fall festivals it’s hard to fit it in with everything else.