Century 21 Affiliated Pro-Team

In a surprise announcement just moments ago, Chuck Dinolfo and Ruta Susinskas, the owners of the Century 21 Pro-Team franchise, announced the company will be merging with the Century 21 Affiliated franchise to form a new LLC called Century 21 Affiliated Pro-Team. This merger is effective March 1st and effectively joins two of the largest Century 21 franchises under one roof. Century 21 Pro-Team has 8 offices throughout the south and southwest suburbs of Chicago and Century 21 Affiliated has 39 offices throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. This will be the largest merger of franchises ever in the Century 21 system – both are currently ranked in the top 20 Century 21 franchises nationally. Post merger, the new Century 21 Affiliated Pro-Team is expected to become the largest Century 21 franchise worldwide numbering over 50 offices, 1,000 agents and over $1 Billion (yes, Billion) in sales!

Century 21 agents with both the Affiliated and Pro-Team franchises are reacting with extreme optimism and excitement about the merger. Consolidation of two companies of this stature should bring about increased opportunities for all member agents. In many ways, real estate is very local – each agent participates in their own market niche. However, over the last few years, there has been an ever-growing trend of franchises consolidating and merging to form larger companies. This is largely because of the way we do business today. A decade ago, your MLS, local Realtor association and company provided everything you needed to be a successful agent – there really wasn’t much else. Now that everything has gone digital, the landscape is full of third-party providers with services that make the transaction smoother or the ability to attract new clients easier. It’s the larger companies that can often provide the best services and advertising for their agents and clients because of bigger clout to negotiate third party fees and more overall resources. It often takes a bigger pocketbook than many smaller, independent brokerages have to pay for all of the services and advertising a larger company can handle.

The Century 21 Affiliated Pro-Team merger is sure to change the landscape of the Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin markets. Member agents are looking forward to a new era of collaboration and advertising syndication that will benefit all clients of the franchise with increased exposure and an ever-increasing level of quality service.

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